Wiltshire Highways Newsletter, November 2018

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Wiltshire Concessionary Bus Pass Renewals

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Parish Council Meeting Minutes, 8th October 2018

Please see below minutes from the October Parish Council Meeting approved at the meeting held in November 2018.   The November minutes will be published in December. 

If you have any comments regarding these minutes please contact the Parish Council directly.  The Parish Council contact details are published in the Tilshead Newsletter.

The next Parish Council Meeting is on Monday, 17th December 2018.

2018-10-08 Minutes

Friends of Till Orchard Surgery Half-Yearly Meeting

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Wiltshire Mobile Library Service

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‘Plain Sacrifice’

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 – Introduction to the New WWI Memorial Book that is Currently with The Printers

2018-11-01 Plain SacrificeThis book is designed to record information about those of our community who died in the First World War.  Also included are local men commemorated elsewhere and others from far away who are buried in our churchyards.  As far as the compilers can ascertain there are sixty-nine men and one woman with a local connection, who did not return to their loved ones after the war.

To the families of these 70 casualties, they were sons, brothers, fathers or grandsons and, in one case, a daughter, whose death would have caused much misery and grief.  They would have been well known by those who loved them, but with the movement of people over the years, many of their memories are lost. Identified now only as names carved in stone, their individual personalities have disappeared.  This book is an attempt to re-discover something of their lives and record it, a small group of local volunteers, began by transcribing the names which appear on the war memorials in Chitterne, Shrewton and Tilshead. To these were added others from local monuments in churches in Maddington, Orcheston and Rollestone.  

Our quest was hindered by the paucity of individual service records from 1914-1918; the result of air raids in World War Two.  We began by consulting the cemetery and memorial registers of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), all now available online – www.cwgc.org.  Further information came from the HMSO publication “Soldiers Died in the Great War:.  From these sources, we were able to discover the locations of graves or memorials, dates of death together with places of birth and enlistment.  The family background of local people was discovered by some exhaustive research including the relevant census, notably 1901 and 1911. For those who served with Commonwealth units, full service records were available.

Medal index cards record the awards made to servicemen and were helpful in identifying those who qualified for the 1914 and 1915 Stars, with the date of their deployment.  Other invaluable sources were the War Diaries, maintained by individual units and describing their daily moves and activities, sometimes in detail. From these diaries it was usually possible to establish where a man died and why he was there.

Not all were killed in action.  Some died of illness, notably in the ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic of 1918, in accidents or while prisoners of war.  At least one took his own life. There are two cases of servicemen who died after the war; the result of wounds they received.

Despite our best efforts, some of the stories are sketchy, with an element of informed guesswork.  Whilst we have done the best we can, some errors may exist. Certainly, anyone planning to visit a grave or memorial should check with the CWGC that it is still as described here.

2018-11-01 Plain Sacrifice Example Page

Richard Elliot

Shrewton Dog Club

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Since it appears that it is not widely known that Shrewton has a thriving Dog Club, the Members thought that this introductory article would confirm that the Club is, indeed, alive and well!

By way of background, Stan Browning founded the Shrewton Dog Club about 18 years ago. From that early time, Kerry Eggleton, who also lives in Shrewton, was training to be an Instructor and became his Assistant for the lower classes.

The Club thrived for several years, successfully holding a range of events including: Dog Shows, Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests, Displays, a sponsored dog walk and even a dog themed panto.  Sadly Stan passed away. unexpectedly in 2011, and the club closed down. In 2012, it was reopened by the then Secretary, Lynn Denniston who reopened it with Kerry Eggleton as the Trainer.  Since then, the Club has held annual Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Tests, with several dogs achieving the sought after Gold Award.  It has also put on Displays at the Riding for the Handicapped Centre in Wilton, organised Agility days and Dog Walks. The Dogs have also had their own Christmas Party and the Owners enjoy an annual Trophy Evening in a local Pub.

The Club meets monday evenings at shrewton village hall new dogs must be assessed suitable for class training but all breeds and sizes are welcome so far the membership has included a tiny yorkshire terrier “Barney” and the giant Leonberger “Shiloh”. Some of the dogs have also had other roles, as therapy dogs, gun dogs and even a sheep dog.  

The Dogs are presently busy preparing for this Year’s Annual Kennel Club “Good Citizen” Tests and, in September, held a Fun Event Day that allowed the dogs to “Have a go” at the obstacles!

Photograph of Some of the Owners and their Dogs at the recent Event Day

Some of the Owners and their Dogs at the recent Event Day

Next year, the club is hoping to expand its number of activities and maybe introduce a permanent puppy class.

Richard Elliot