Ancestry and Genealogy

The Kytes

The honour of being the oldest Tilshead family definitely belongs to the Kytes.  They first appear in the Church Register in 1662 when William Kyte’s son, Matthew, was baptised. Bryan and Richard, sons of James and Sally, are the twelfth generation of their family to live in Tilshead.  Their grandfather, David who sadly passed away in 2009, and his brother Bernard, have been lifelong supporters of the Baptist Chapel; and the family continue to farm land around the village as their ancestors did – though now as tenants of the Ministry of Defence.  Many of their relatives have, of course, moved away over the years, quite a number – and it is rumoured not all voluntarily – to Australia where there is reported to be a very large tribe of Kytes.  The family is also, not surprisingly, closely connected to other village families.  For example, Adrian’s mother, Elsie Kyte, (widow of Sydney Kyte, another descendant of the original William), who sadly passed away in 2000, was before her marriage Elsie Potter.

Extract from The Tilshead Tatler, June 2000, Editor Bill Perry; with minor updates

Photographs of Adrian Kyte and his family are included in the photograph albums.


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