Knife amnesty launched in Wiltshire

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People who carry knives in the county are being urged to hand them in to police this month… no questions asked.

Source: Knife amnesty launched in Wiltshire

Tilshead Knitting Group, 27th September 2018

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Hi All

Due to holidays we’ve brought the October meeting forward a week to the last week in September.  The intention is to continue with making the hats for Age UK’s Big Knit campaign 2018 (patterns here) or you can continue with your own craft project if you’d rather!

At last night’s meeting we got started on the hats and pom-poms and we’re rather pleased with the results!

hat and pom-poms

Louise’s hat and Sarah’s pom-poms!

Parish Council Meeting Minutes, 14th August 2018

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Please see below minutes from the August Parish Council Meeting approved at the meeting held in September 2018.  The September minutes will be published in October.  If you have any comments regarding these minutes please contact the Parish Council directly.  The Parish Council contact details are published in the Tilshead Newsletter.

The next meeting is on Monday, 8th October 2018 in the Village Hall and all are welcome to attend.

2018-08-14 Minutes

Changes to Salisbury bus routes from this Sunday (2nd September 2018)

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BUS users in Salisbury can expect changes to their usual routes and routines as a new schedule comes into play this weekend.

The amendment to the service serving Tilshead is as below:

“Service 2 – First morning and last evening journeys will now also call at bus stops along London Road in Devizes. The bus from Great Cheverell on Tuesdays will no-longer run and the Saturday afternoon timetable has fewer journeys.”

Source: DETAILS: All changes to Salisbury bus routes from this weekend

Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) Newsletter, September 2018

Please click here for Salisbury Plain Newsletter for September 2018.

Parish Council Meeting Minutes, 17th July 2018

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Please see below minutes from the July Parish Council Meeting approved at the meeting held in August 2018.  The August minutes will be published in September.  If you have any comments regarding these minutes please contact the Parish Council directly.  The Parish Council contact details are published in the Tilshead Newsletter.

The next meeting is on Monday, 3rd September 2018 in the Village Hall and all are welcome to attend.

2018-07-17 Minutes

Because the Parish Council had received two Planning Applications at the beginning of August, the Chairman called a meeting to discuss these. The date set by the Planning Department for reply to both Planning Applications had been set before the September meeting, hence the meeting. This meeting had been advertised on the Parish Council notice board and on the website.

Volunteer Roles at Age UK

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Parish Council Meeting, 14th August 2018

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Due to a Planning Application being received since the previous meeting, there will now be a Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 14th August at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

All are welcome to attend.

2018-08-14 Agenda

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Garden Bonfires and Smoke Nuisance

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Alternative disposal

Garden bonfires produce smoke and smells, which can annoy neighbours as well as damage the environment. Garden trimmings that are still green and wet can give off lots of smoke, and materials like plastics and rubber create poisonous chemicals when they are burnt. Most garden waste can be easily composted and larger amounts can either be placed in your Green Bin and taken away providing you have arranged a Garden Waste Collection or taken to one of the household waste recycling centres in the county.


If you must have a bonfire to burn any waste that cannot be composted, then it is advisable to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Warn your neighbours – this gives them an opportunity to close windows and doors, remove washing off the line and they are much less likely to complain

  • Ideally burn later in the evening when people are less likely to use their gardens

  • Only burn dry material

  • Never burn household rubbish, rubber tyres or anything containing plastic, foam or paint

  • Avoid lighting a fire in unsuitable weather conditions – smoke hangs in the air on damp, still days. If it is too windy, smoke blows into neighbours’ gardens and windows and across roads

  • Avoid burning when air pollution levels in your area are high or very high. You can check air quality on 0800 556677

  • Keep your fire away from trees, fences and buildings

  • Warning Never use oil, petrol or methylated spirits to light a fire – you could damage yourself as well as the environment

  • Never leave a fire unattended or leave it to smoulder – put it out

How do I complain about a bonfire?

There are no byelaws restricting bonfires in Wiltshire’s Area and there are no specific times of day restricting bonfires.

However if smoke is caused by a bonfire is creating a nuisance, the council has powers to take action under the provisions of the  Environmental Protection Act 1990. Private individuals can also take action through a Magistrates’ Court. If a bonfire is causing smoke to drift across a road, please contact the police.

If you are affected by smoke, we would recommend that you discuss it initially with your neighbour, as they may not realise that they are causing a problem. Always try to be reasonable, otherwise your discussions may end up in further arguments and create unwanted future neighbour tension.  Explain the details of your concern and try and agree a reasonable solution or compromise.

If the situation does not improve, then feel free to contact the Environmental Protection Team. We would ask you to fill out a smoke nuisance log sheet for two weeks and then return it to us. The nuisance log sheets are very important and the Council will not take any further action unless it has received completed nuisance log sheets from you. If the log is not returned without a reasonable explanation within 21 days the complaint will be closed.

Once we have received your log sheets a member the case officer will assess them and contact you to discuss what will happen next. We may write to the alleged offender bringing their attention to the matter and providing them with a simple guide on how to have a bonfire whilst reducing the risk of it being a nuisance to neighbours. We may also make visits in an attempt to witness the smoke. Officers will usually undertake a maximum of three visits to substantiate your complaint.  If after the three visits no nuisance has been established, the council will close the investigation.

For more information visit Wiltshire County Council’s website.

Warm & Safe Wiltshire

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Don’t suffer a cold home

Living in a cold home can be bad for your health.  Consistently low temperatures in your home may exacerbate existing health issues (particularly respiratory and cardiovascular conditions) and make it harder for you to recover from illnesses.  It can cause you and your family to feel miserable at home, affecting concentration, dexterity and mental health.

Wiltshire Council has been working to address these issues and make it easier for people struggling to heat their home to a healthy, comfortable temperature to access free advice and support.

Residents can now contact Warm & Safe Wiltshire – a one stop shop for all cold home and energy queries.  The service aims to provide free, impartial advice about keeping your home warm, understanding your heating system and energy bills, switching energy supplier and making energy saving improvements. The service also aims to prevent isolation worry by signing residents up to the Priority Services Register so that in the event of a power cut, they have the support that they need. Energy advice can be given through home visits as well as over the phone.  Fire safety alarm and appliance checks can also be organised in partnership with Fire and Rescue for eligible residents.

Warm and Safe Wiltshire will also be working closely with relevant organisations to ensure that the team are able to refer and signpost residents for additional support. This could include ensuring you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to or support in making essential improvements to your home. Insulation is one of the best ways of lowering your energy bills as well as replacing old, inefficient heating systems. Warm and Safe Wiltshire can let you know if you’re eligible for funding to help towards the cost of making your home warmer and more comfortable.

Please contact the team if you would like any advice or you know anyone who would benefit from a referral.

Call 0800 038 5722

Warm and Safe Wiltshire is a service provided by Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Council in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service.