Parish Council Vacancy – Deadline to call for Election 9th August 2018

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Following the resignation of Councillor Ted Basford please see below Notice of Vacancy.

An election to fill the vacancy will be held if TEN electors from the Parish of Tilshead write to the Returning Officer by 9 August, 2018 asking for an election to be held.

If an election is not requested by that date, then the Parish Council must fill the vacancy by co-option as soon as practicable.

2018-07-20 Notice of Vacancy

Advanced Flood Warning

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The water level today has risen to 97.46m. The Parish Council strongly advise residents to check any equipment you have just in case the water continues to rise. The various springs around the village are likely to start flowing around 99m. We will continue to monitor the water levels and post updates.

Tilshead Parish Council

Highways England A303 Presentation added to Open Meeting Agenda

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Highways England will put on a presentation with questions and answers at the Public Meeting on 13th March 2018.

Lt. Colonel Stewart Andrews CO from Westdown Camp will also be present.