Local People share thoughts on the A303 past Stonehenge

Traffic on the A303 past Stonehenge

People from South Wiltshire have shared their views on the A303 Stonehenge tunnel project through Highways England’s A303 Stonehenge stories series.

Speaking to different people in local communities, Highways England has found out how the current road touches people’s lives and how the improvements will change this. 

As part of this, Highways England has released a new video that captures these stories – helping to illustrate their vision for the future of the A303 Stonehenge.    

David Bullock, Highways England A303 Stonehenge Project Manager, said: 

“We’re excited to reveal our ambition for the project through the voices of people affected by the road. These improvements will transform the landscape and change people’s lives.

“You won’t hear anyone from anyone at Highways England. These are real people speaking in their own words.”

Speaking about her personal experiences, Jane Singleton, owner of Stonehenge Scotland Lodge B&B in Winterbourne Stoke, explains the need for the upgrades in her community:

Our village suffers hugely. We are divided in half with the church and part of the village one side of the road, and others living the other side. The new road is going to make so much difference to the village.

“Local residents will be able to move freely which will bring our village together and revitalise the local economy. It’ll be lovely!”

Shrewton resident and founder of the Stonehenge Traffic Action Group, Janice Hassett, also speaks about how the new road will improve community life:

“People have been waiting for this for 30 years. For us to be getting something done at last is just brilliant news. The village will be much more peaceful, how a village on Salisbury Plain should be. We’re looking forward to getting a better life and getting our village back.”

To find out more about the A303 Stonehenge stories or the project, visit Highways England’s website. If you’ve got your own A303 Stonehenge story to share, please get in touch at info@a303stonehenge.co.uk

Highways England’s upgrade of the A303 between Amesbury and Berwick Down includes:

  • Eight miles of road past Stonehenge – changing the existing single-lane road into a safer, faster and more reliable dual carriageway
  • A two-mile long tunnel under the world heritage site – reconnecting the landscape and restoring Stonehenge to something like it’s original setting
  • A flyover at Countess roundabout – removing traffic from local roads, making it easier to go about your daily lives
  • A new junction at Longbarrow – moving it west, away from the world heritage site
  • A bypass north of Winterbourne Stoke, with a viaduct over the River Till – taking away thousands of cars from locals’ doorsteps every day

This scheme will sort out a road that doesn’t work for drivers, or for people who live, work and holiday in Wiltshire and the South West.

Highways England

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