Glider Pilot Regiment Service – Tilshead – The Parachute Regimental Association

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On Saturday 24th February a Service took place at 11.30am in Tilshead, to commemorate the founding of an elite Regiment that fought in some of the most daring campaigns in World War II. Formed in February 1942, the Glider Pilot Regiment was made up of volunteers from other parts of the Army. These men were put through some of the …
Source: Glider Pilot Regiment Service – Tilshead – The Parachute Regimental Association

Church Services Update

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Dear friends, 

The notices below contain details of two important services next weekend (11th March), to which we hope you will be able to come.

I have taken the difficult decision to cancel the two morning services planned for this coming Sunday (4th):

9am in Orcheston

10.30am in Tilshead

Clearly the condition of our roads may change in the next 36 hours, but we are also concerned about the extreme cold within our buildings and the conditions of the paths leading to both churches. We would not wish anyone to risk their safety by venturing out.

If we have a miraculous thaw tomorrow then I will contact you again, but for now please assume that there are no morning services. I’d be grateful if you would pass this message on to any who may not usually use email.

We will make a final decision on the evening Bible Study in Chitterne during Sunday itself.

Holy Communion services during the coming week- Tuesday at 10am in Shrewton and 2.30pm on Wednesday in Parson’s Green Community Room in Shrewton will go ahead unless the weather worsens. You are warmly invited to join us on one of those occasions if you wish to.

The Lent Group on Monday evening is also expected to go ahead- 7pm in Maddington Church Room, and again on Thursday morning at 10am.

If any of you would like us to visit with home communion on Sunday please let us know.

with kind regards,


The Revd Canon Eleanor Rance


Salisbury Plain Benefice

01980 620580

2018-03-04 Church Notices

Winter Weather Road Closures

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Many of the region’s roads are closed due to the bad weather.

Check the current situation here.

Winter Weather School Closures

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Many of the region’s schools are closed due to the bad weather.  Check your school closure status here.

Westdown Camp Gate Closure, March 2018

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From 5 March 2018 until 31 March 2018 the main gate to Westdown Camp is closed for refurbishment and therefore civilian vehicles  2T and under will be redirected to the back gate of Westdown camp via Candown Rd .  All other vehicles will be directed to use the Southern Transit Route from tank crossings F and M.

Many thanks


S P Andrews RA (Stew) | Lieutenant Colonel | Senior Training Safety Officer SPTA | DIO SD Training | Westdown Camp | Tilshead | Wilts | SP3 4RS

Civ: 0198067 4705 | Mil: 94325 4705 | Mob: 07919880357| Email:


Highways England A303 Presentation added to Open Meeting Agenda

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Highways England will put on a presentation with questions and answers at the Public Meeting on 13th March 2018.

Lt. Colonel Stewart Andrews CO from Westdown Camp will also be present.

Subscribe to News and Information from Tilshead Village Website

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It is now possible to subscribe to a weekly email summarising the new news and information posts from Tilshead Village Website for the preceding week. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Dog Theft Awareness

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2018-02-21 Dog Theft

2018-02-21 Dog Theft

February in the Garden

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Hurrah! January is over and with it, the darkest days and coldest weather of the winter. Spring is on its way, as a quick trip around the garden will tell you through bulbs poking through the soil and buds beginning to develop and swell in sheltered areas.

However, complacency shouldn’t set in, as the photograph to accompany this month’s article will remind you. This was taken from a window of our home on February 3rd three years ago. Having moved into the village only a few months previously, I well remember enjoying the sight of the garden in the snow for the first time, but this was a really cold snap. Be warned – 2018’s February weather could well be equally chilly!

The truth is, we never quite know what to expect weather wise these days, so it’s as well to be prepared. Fleece on plants needing protection needs to be checked at this time of year and it’s still better to avoid walking on a wet or frosted lawn as much as possible. On the other hand some February days will be mild and pleasant and these provide a real opportunity to get out and get ahead of yourself for the Spring. Here are one or two thoughts about what you might do in your garden this month:

  • weeding. Weeding, you say? But surely the weeds haven’t got going yet? It’s only February after all. Here, though, is your chance to deal with any perennial weeds still sitting under the soil and laughing to themselves, ready to get a grip on the border and smother other plants as the weather warms up. By digging over a border and pouncing on the roots of dandelion, thistle and nettle you can really make a difference to your weeding work later in the Spring.

  • warming up the soil by laying some plastic sheeting over a section of your vegetable patch. This will allow you to sow seeds straight into the ground just that little bit earlier, giving them a good strong chance of germination.

  • you can plant climbers such as clematis as long as the ground is frost free. If you want a good show in May, don’t wait to buy Clematis Montana in the month it flowers but buy a good plant now and it will have time to settle and make good Spring growth.

  • this month is the time to prune any winter flowering shrubs that have finished flowering. Mahonia and winter flowering Jasmine are among those shrubs.

  • a top job for this month is chatting potatoes. Try a new variety for you and choose one that has a good track record on disease resistance. The potato Accent is one that come highly recommended as being resistant to scab and bruising and if you want a potato for a particular purpose, Vivaldi is a great one for a smooth textured mash.

Frank's Garden in February 2015

Frank’s Garden in February 2015

Finally, it’s snowdrop time! Depending on the weather, we could find that our snowdrops are in full bloom through the month. When the blooms have finished, it’s worth lifting and dividing clumps of them as this is the way you will increase the numbers of snowdrops you have in the garden. They are such a delight; it’s well worth the effort to plan for next year’s show of flowers.

Frank Jones

Tilshead War Memorial awarded Listed Building Status

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The War Memorial - St. Thomas à Becket Church Yard - Photograph: Rosemary Meeke

The War Memorial – St. Thomas à Becket Church Yard – Photograph: Rosemary Meeke

Tilshead War Memorial, The churchyard, Church of St Thomas a Becket, High Street, Tilshead, Wiltshire – Awarded Listed Building Status

List Entry Number: 1452036

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has added Tilshead War Memorial to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.  The memorial is listed at Grade II.

Please follow the link below to download a copy of the advice report, which gives the principal reasons for this decision.  The List entry for this building, together with a map, has now been published on the National Heritage List for England.  This List can be accessed through the Historic England website.

Click here to view the List entry.