Radio Odstock

We are very shortly going to lose Spire FM. The station launched in 1992 and has been a tower of strength for the community ever since.

There is no way back now for Spire but all is not lost. Radio Odstock has been broadcasting to Salisbury District Hospital since 1953. Over the years it has kept patients happy with it’s unique mix of music and chat. Radio Odstock is now available online thanks to it’s partnership with the Salisbury Hospice Charity. The station continues to entertain the patient’s, but now also is available to the whole of the community with a better variety of music and local information. Whilst not Spire it’s a local radio station providing a voice not just for Salisbury District Hospital but now for the whole of Salisbury and it’s surroundings, which includes Tilshead. The radio station is also a brilliant way of loved ones being able to keep in touch with relatives and friends in hospital.

Radio Odstock can be found online via or via a whole myriad of other options such as Internet Radio. It also has a Facebook page ‘Channel 1,Radio Odstock’ which provides local updates and ways of tuning in.

Ben Johnson

Radio Odstock
Salisbury District Hospital
Odstock Rd

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