Till Valley Link

We are very pleased to be able to say that Till Valley Link (TVL) is back and running. Till Valley Link volunteer drivers offer affordable and convenient transport to villagers in need from the communities of Tilshead, Shrewton, Orcheston, Winterbourne Stoke and Berwick St. James.

This is particularly helpful for people going to all kinds of appointments – doctors, hospital, chiropodists, hair etc. – in Amesbury, Salisbury, Wilton and elsewhere where generally there are no direct bus routes.

However, while TVL had some 25 drivers in 2019 that has dropped to just 14 as many retired due to advanced age or ill health. This big reduction and the continuing impact of the pandemic has resulted in higher demand on volunteer drivers – drivers have been called on to make two and even three separate journeys on the same day.

New volunteer drivers are urgently sought in all villages served by Till Valley Link to keep this invaluable service running smoothly. While several people have expressed interest over the last year, none have followed through and we hope our request will help reverse this trend. Call Angela Webb on 01980 620840 for application forms and information packs.

Being a volunteer driver is a great and fulfilling way to give back a little to our community. Please give us a call!


Charity Registration Number: 1041883

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