Tilshead Calendar 2021

We’ve had some fabulous entries for the photograph competition!  

Thank you to Melanie Baker, Timothy Boys, Gillian, Lauren Jackson, Trudie James, Eliza Keyte, Sid Keyte, Anita Lawrence-Mundy, Derek Pickard, Kate Pring, Andrew Reed, Rebecca Stone, Sue Teale, Robert Leachman, Theresa Leachman and Will Leachman for your pictures.  

A montage of the entries received is below.  Barbara Leatham has kindly selected 12 of the images to go in the calendar.

The calendars will be kitchen slimline style and priced at £5.50/each.  Postage will be free for Tilshead residents as we can hand-deliver.  If you are not a Tilshead resident please email calendar@tilsheadvillage.com so we can add your postage.

To pre-order your calendar, please complete the order form below and deliver in an envelope with your payment to  Theresa at Rose House, Tilshead.

The deadline for pre-orders will be 30th November 2020.

Please contact calendar@tilsheadvillage.com or check the Tilshead website tilsheadvillage.com or the Tilshead Community Facebook page for further information.

Profits from sales will be used to raise money for the Tilshead Community. 



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