Tilshead Village Fete, 2nd June 2018

The Friends of Tilshead Church are organising the 2018 Tilshead Village Fete on Saturday 2nd June at Tylney House.

We are looking for stall holders and activity volunteers to make the event a big success. In addition to the traditional Bottle Stall, Bric-a-brac, Plants, Treasure Island, Skittle Alley etc, we are keen to add a few new attractions to appeal to the older children and teenagers: perhaps a Football or Hockey Penalty Competition or a Fly Casting Competition?

So if you have any cunning ideas and would like to run a stall or activity, or would be happy to get involved more generally, then please contact either Simon Bedford on 07969 569491 or Hilda Renshaw on 01980 621632 as soon as possible so we can make the plans for a great afternoon. We are also happy to make room for anyone who regularly runs a private stall (jewellery, cards etc) who would be happy to pay a pitch fee.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Friends of Tilshead Church

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