Winter Reminder from the Parish Council

Very soon people will be noticing that our winter visitors from Wales will be on Salisbury Plain very close to our village, that is our woolly friends the sheep. Dog walkers are reminded therefore to keep their dogs well under control within the vicinity of sheep, and if very close to sheep on a lead. Once a dog has chased sheep and tasted blood it is likely to do so again. If a farmer or landowner witnesses a dog chasing and harming his sheep he has the legal right to shoot it.

Not long until Bonfire Night which we will enjoy and look forward to. If anyone is planning a firework party in their garden please inform their neighbours especially if they have animals. We are a village surrounded by farm land with sheep, cattle and horses as well as domestic animals, so please bear this in mind before preparing to let off loud bangs.

Bonfires and hedgehogs. Before lighting a bonfire please search the base for any hibernating hedgehogs. Many hedgehogs are cremated at this time of the year unintentionally in bonfires. We are losing them fast and every effort is being made to build up numbers. Keep a patch of your garden ‘wild’ so that they can hibernate in the undergrowth.

Tilshead Parish Council

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