A303 Stonehenge: follow-up online Q&A session, 10th August 2021

The A303 Stonehenge project: local update

Highways England held a busy session answering people’s questions about the A303 Stonehenge scheme at an online meeting at the end of June – over 170 people signed up! If you didn’t get to join in on the night, they’re putting information up about the questions asked on the scheme website: highwaysengland.co.uk/our-work/a303-stonehenge/   

David Bullock, Project Manager, said: “With a project as big and as high profile as A303 Stonehenge, we are keen to keep in touch with local communities and we’re pleased we can hold another meeting to expand on what we talked about in June.”

QR Code

The next live online Q&A session will take place between 7 – 8.30pm on Tuesday 10 August.

To sign up, choose topics you’re interested in and submit questions, simply scan this QR code.

Whether you’re already in the know, or you haven‘t got the first idea what the scheme means for you and the local area - the project team would like to hear from you and bring you up to speed with the latest.   To find out more, and to sign up, go to the project website:  highwaysengland.co.uk/our-work/a303-stonehenge/

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