Westdown Camp Front Gate Closure, 18th October 2021

Good afternoon,

I am writing to inform you that we will need to close the front gate at Westdown Camp for Monday 18th Oct, this is due to a logistical problem that prevented all of the work being undertaken during the last closure.  We will again use the back gate as the alternate entry point with civilian vehicles of the staff that work on the site and deliveries using Candown Road, with all military traffic using the tank crossing points to get to the back gate. I will again undertake a letter drop to local residents however, we will not be sign posting the diversion as it caused rather a lot of confusion for other road users not associated with Westdown Camp who were following diversion signs for other road works.  Furthermore site users will be warned of the children’s playground and the need to stay off of grass verges.

Please feel free to come back to me with any questions or queries you may have.  Thank you.

Kind regards,

Andy Green

Project Manager

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